Summer Camp – Overnight

If you are self-pay please make all checks payable to “MCHS” Send to The Fowler Center, 2315 Harmon Lake Rd, Mayville, MI 48744

Summer Camp Check In Sundays by last name
A-F: 2pm – 3pm
G-M: 3pm – 4pm
N-Z: 4pm – 5pm

Summer Camp Check Out Fridays
10am – 11:30am

Supervision at Camp

Our typical ratio at camp is 1 staff to every 3 campers. Some campers may require a 1:1 aide due to medical needs or behaviors. The Fowler Center can provide an aide for an additional fee (listed below) for a LIMITED number of spots at specific sessions. Families are welcome to arrange to bring their own aide from home if they wish or if Fowler Center 1:1 spots are filled.

1:1 Aide Fees:

Sessions 1-8: $300
Winter: $280
Weekend Respite: $200

If the family or agency of the camper wishes to provide the aide due to higher/more specific medical or behavioral needs of the camper, the aide must be processed as a volunteer with The Fowler Center and present certifications for CPR, First Aid, and Recipient Rights.

Classic Camps

Classic Camps offer individuals of all abilities and ages the opportunity to get outside, make meaningful connections, and try new activities. Days include, but are not limited to, waterfront, sports, picnics, archery, crafts, nature, equestrian, small animals, gardening, high adventure, picnics, theme nights, and more. Campers live in cabins with staff, much like a family home. Limited 1:1 spots are available sessions 1-8 for an additional fee of $300

Adult Sessions

Session 1
Ages: 18+
Fee: $975
Date: 6/16/24 – 6/21/24
Session 2
Ages 18+
Fee: $975
Date: 6/23/24 – 6/28/24
Session 3
Ages 18+
Fee: $975
Date: 6/30/24 – 7/05/24
Session 4

Ages 18+
Fee: $975
Date: 7/07/24 – 7/12/24

Youth and Young Adult Sessions

Session 5
Ages 6-17
Fee: $975
Date: 7/14/24 – 7/19/24
Session 6
Ages 18-35
Fee: $975
Date: 7/21/24 – 7/26/24
Session 7
Ages 18-35
Fee: $975
Date: 7/28/24 – 8/02/24
Session 8
Ages 18-35
Fee: $975
Date: 8/04/24 – 8/09/24

Specialty Camps

Specialty Camps focus on a specific skill or outcome for the week. Those who attend these sessions will have a chance to participate in some of the other activities offered at camp (i.e. crafts, swimming, etc), but it is not the focus of the program. Specialty Camps have different age ranges, ability criteria, or diagnoses for camper eligibility due to the goals and nature of the program. Campers will attend our favored Banquet Dinner & Dance with the rest of camp on the last night.

Individuals in Specialty Camps must be fairly independent in their care due to the program schedule and goals.

Specialty Sessions are not for those who need 1:1 staffing

A week for adults with TBIs to come together with friends and have a great time at camp. The shared TBI experiences of campers along with the relaxed schedule allows campers to build a support network within camp that many access throughout the year. Camp Barefoot is scheduled over Memorial Day Week every year from Saturday through Thursday. 

  • Fee: $975
  • Dates: 5/25/24 – 5/30/24

Lead On Horse Camp

This 6-day session is a ground lesson program aimed at providing horsemanship skills to those not quite ready for, or are ineligible for, C.O.M.E.B.A.C.K Riding Camp. During the session mornings are filled with traditional activities such as nature, waterfront, and crafts while afternoons are all about the horses and animals. Each day campers will receive a half hour ground lesson with their horses. During this time campers will work on using their body and voice to connect and communicate with the animal. All other activities are designed to help campers learn about horsemanship through the use of all five senses to learn.
Eligibility Criteria: Individuals must be ambulatory, able to stand independently for at least 30 minutes, able to follow verbal directions of staff to maintain safety around horses, and be independent or require minimal verbal prompts for personal care.

  • Fee: $1,025
  • Dates: 5/13/24-5/18/24

C.O.M.E.B.A.C.K. Riding Camp (see ages below)

Character, Overcome, Motivation, Endurance, Behavior, Attitude, Confidence, Knowledge

At C.O.M.E.B.A.C.K. camp mornings are filled with fun programs such as waterfront, sports, crafts, or nature. Afternoons are all about the horses and animals. Each day campers will receive a half hour group riding lesson during which time they will work on developing riding skills such as using their voice, weight, hands, and legs to ask their horse to stop, walk on, and turn independently. More advanced riders will continue to work towards gaining independent control over their horse at a walk, and learning control at a trot. All other activities at the Equestrian Center are designed to help campers learn all about horsemanship through use of all five senses and may include games, worksheets, and crafts.

Eligibility Criteria: Individuals must be ambulatory, able to attend to a 30 minute riding lesson mounted on a horse, able to follow verbal directions of staff to maintain safety around horses, and be independent or require minimal verbal prompts for personal care. Rider Weight Limit 220 lbs.

  • Fee: $1,025
  • Dates
    • Age 18+: 6/23/24 – 6/28/24
    • Age 12-17: 7/14/24 – 7/19/24
    • Age 18-35: 8/4/24 – 8/9/24

La Cuisine (ages 18-35)

This session focuses on skills such as how to create a shopping list, healthy eating   habits, learning to follow a recipe, meal preparation, cleanliness, setting a table, and etiquette. Using food industry best practices, and guest chefs from local restaurants, campers will have the opportunity to gain new skills transferable to the home setting.  The week of camp will culminate in a camper made meal and presentation for parents.

  • Fee: $1,025
  • Dates: 7/21/24 – 7/26/24

The Outpost (see ages below)

A pioneer-style camping experience that strives to teach additional skills in outdoor living and teamwork. Campers will take an active role in the group living environment as they work together with the staff to prepare meals, plan daily activities, prepare for off-site trips, and maintain their living space. Campers will live in platform tents and cook meals with staff at a more remote section of the property. The Platform Tents house 3 campers and 1 staff and have a single frame with mattress for each individual. The Outpost uses a well pump for water, porta johns for bathrooms, and flashlights at night. Modern conveniences such as electricity, running water, and bathing facilities are available when visiting main camp each day. Shower time is scheduled every other day at the main area cabins. Select sessions include an off-site camping trip.

Camper Eligibility: Campers must be ambulatory, able to hike on uneven terrain for extended periods, independent in personal care, and able to climb stairs unassisted to get into the platform tents. Campers are expected to participate in daily life such as refilling drinking water igloos, washing dishes, assisting in cooking meals, and keeping the campsite tidy. Platform tents do not have door alarms like the main cabins. Campers should be aware of surroundings, not wander,  and able to alert staff in their tent of needs at night.

  • Outpost A  – includes a trip to a Michigan State Park
    • Fee:  $1,025
    • 6/30/24 – 7/12/24
    • ages 30+
  • Outpost B
    • Fee: $1,025
    • 7/14/24 – 7/19/24
    • ages 13-17
  • Outpost C – Includes a trip to a Michigan State Park
    • Fee: $1,025
    • 7/21/24 – 8/2/24
    • ages 18-35
  • Outpost D
    • Fee:  $1,025
    • 8/4/24 – 8/9/24
    • ages 18-35

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