Equestrian Programs

Riding Lessons

Horseback riding has many benefits including noticeable improvements in balance, physical strength, coordination, mobility and self-confidence. Not to mention it’s just plain fun! Our CHA certified Equestrian Supervisor will teach you how to wrangle, groom and saddle your horse. We offer English and Western style lessons with the goal for our students to safely and confidently learn to do everything on their own.

We offer both private and group lessons to riders of all proficiency levels and abilities. Our Equestrian Center features a 60′ X 120′ indoor riding arena and heated observation room with bathroom which allows us to provide lessons year-round!

Lessons cost $45 per one hour session or $200 for a bundle of 5 sessions. Group discounts are available.

We offer riding lessons at The Fowler Center

Trail Riding

Experience the joy of a leisurely horseback ride through the peaceful trails that wind through our 200-acre property in the heart of the Michigan Thumb. Riders five years old and up will feel the positive impact of bonding with one of our beautiful equine friends while enjoying the fresh air and the empowering freedom of movement.

Our Trail Riding program is set to open in the Spring of 2024, so stay tuned for more information!

If you have questions or would like to schedule lessons please contact our Equestrian Supervisor, Mary Kate Anthony.

Trail riding is one of our equestrian programs at The Fowler Center

Lead On Horse Camp

This 6-day session is a ground lesson program aimed at providing horsemanship skills to those not quite ready for, or are ineligible for, C.O.M.E.B.A.C.K Riding Camp. At camp, afternoons are all about the horses and animals. Each day campers will receive a half hour ground lesson with their horses. During this time campers will work on using their body and voice to communicate with the animal. All other activities are designed to help campers learn about horsemanship through activities that promote the use of all five senses to learn.

Eligibility Criteria: Individuals must be ambulatory, able to stand independently for at least 30 minutes, able to follow verbal directions of staff to maintain safety around horses, and be independent or require minimal verbal prompts for personal care.

Cost: $1,025

Date: 5/13/24 – 5/18/24

C.O.M.B.A.C.K. Riding Camp

Character, Overcome, Motivation, Endurance, Behavior, Attitude, Confidence, Knowledge

At C.O.M.E.B.A.C.K. camp mornings are filled with fun  programs such as waterfront, sports, crafts, or nature. Afternoons are all about the horses and animals. Each day campers will receive a half hour group riding lesson during which time they will work on developing riding skills such as using their voice, weight, hands, and legs to ask their horse to stop, walk on, and turn independently. More advanced riders will continue to work towards gaining independent control over their horse at a walk, and learning control at a trot. Ground lessons (non-mounted lessons) are designed to help campers learn all about horsemanship through interactive activities that promote the use of all five senses to learn and may include games, worksheets, and crafts. Sessions are currently only offered to ambulatory campers who are independent in care (or only require minimal assistance).  Rider Weight Limit 220 lbs. 

Cost: $890

Age 18+: May 14-19, 2023
Age 18-35: July 30 – August 4, 2023
Age 18-35: August 13-18, 2023

Volunteer at the Equestrian Center

It takes a lot of work to keep our horses and various small animals healthy & happy, as well as provide riding programs. Come be a part of our team and see what a difference you can make!

Volunteers assist with…
-cleaning & organizing tack
-unloading & stacking hay
-decorating the barn for upcoming programs
-general cleaning of the barn
-camper riding sessions (lead a horse or sidewalk)

To volunteer at our Equestrian Center, individually or as a group, contact our Program Director, Lillia Sheline at 989-673-2050 or send an email

Adopt an Animal

For a minimum of $25/month you could partner with The Fowler Center to help meet our animals’ needs. For your contribution you will receive a certificate, a photo of your animal, as well as a monthly personalized letter from your adopted animal!